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This month, the world is on a pause with the Covid-19. The anxiety of a new future is not far away & many live a " quarantaine Life" ....We work from home, & our homes have become a multi-task space, & we need to learn to co-habit.

Our guest Danish Sara Ingemann, is a trend forecaster and also run the design studio " Atelier Cph" together with Mandy Rep, specialized in visual communication, creation of brand identities but also spatial design and trend forecast.

The Sisters: How do you think this confinement will affect our lives after ?

Sara: It's really difficult to forecast the future right now as we stil dont know the consequences of the Corona virus. But there is no doubt that it will have a huge effect and hopefully we can learn something positively from the current situation. I do hope and see a tendency that people don't want to go back to how things where before the pandemic. We reflect upon so many different aspects in life and how we do things, live, travel, work, being social/ digital togetherness. it's time for a transformation in how we do things both from a climate and a scoio-economic perspective. We all need to change our behaviour patterns and in general think about over-consumption, how we produce and set new standards for travelling.

The Sisters: How will we change the way we live ?

Sara: A lot of us have been isolating and working from home, meaning, we have been seeing the same walls 24/7 for now 4 weeks. The new situation of being comforting at home gave us possibilities to find new sharing and caring hobbies like puzzling, baking, planting seeds, zoom-parties, home yoga, making music and singing from balconies. The focus has changed from material things to a more mindful realm of making & finding rest & peace. In the Nordic countries the home has always had an important status in our lives as we live with many dark and cold winter months. Paying attention to our homes is something we should start considering if we have the opportunities and privileges to do so. Comfort & stability.

The Sisters: Will designers be forced to create differently ?

Sara: Designers are intuitively driven and will take these new times into consideration when designing new products for the future, with an important focus of slowing down the process. I think we will see a revival of small scale local based productions. Making objects for a more considered comfort way of living will explore how design and interiors will respond to our changing relationshop with home as it becomes a multifunctional system for living. I think we can expect a push towards soft, natural & tactile materials, and items that move seamlessly between private & public, lounging & living, supporting & work, rest & play.