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We often work in New York and several times we have photographed the projects of interior designer Charlie Ferrer who lives here. His office and  "Studio Ferrer " is on Broadway.  He both decorates and designs furniture for private and commercial clients in the USA and aborad. He also advices on architecture, landscape and lightning design.

How do you define your style ?
My style is eclectic, but in a very minimalist way. A sort of organic minimalism, which mixes vintage with modern and new design. I appreciate the richness in everything from materials, fabric textures to paint colours.

What inspires you?
Im often inspired by how designers and craftsmen did things in the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. French and Italian design traditions especially facinates me including the styles of neoclassism, art deco and modernism.

What is important for you in a project ?
I like the space to give the owners and their guests a warm welcome, a relief from the business of the streets below. I like the owner alto to participate in the process of collecting.

Charlie Ferrer about layering :
I believe in eclectism and layering of disparte periods and style. It is critical that each piece has its own story and contributes to the larger narrative of the project.